Fall 2020 Lifestyle Family Sessions Wrap up

Fall 2020 Lifestyle Sessions

My in-home family sessions are a labor of love. It’s a privilege to be welcomed into a private space and document a family’s life, so I always want to go above and beyond. It’s a collaboration too. I welcome input by families of what they are looking for in their images. And then, I dream with them of images that tell their story. These two families showcase how well that collaboration works. They clearly communicated with me and then allowed me to direct them in their space. I’m so grateful they have allowed me to share their fall 2020 lifestyle images.

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Photo sessions don’t take place until I understand what my families are looking for. In fact, I don’t even offer booking dates until clients fill out a questionnaire. In order to tell a family’s story, I need to know a bit about their story. The questionnaires aren’t long or complicated, but it does give me plenty of ideas for how to showcase the family and what is important to show.

mother reading to daughter
family on bed with dog

Special play areas

Many special places are indoors, such as playrooms and the master bedroom, where the whole family can snuggle or play. If families allow, I bring bubbles or have children jump on the bed, or both :).

4 image collage of family playing together
girl on bed playing with bubbles
mother and daughter reading in bed


Even though we may use props, especially when we are highlighting special activities together, the main focus is still on the connection between family members.

2 photo collage of mother and daughter with science experiments
3 photo collage of father and daughter cooking
young girl hugging mom and dad
fall 2020 lifestyle photo of family snuggling in bed

Every day life

Although we are posing and setting up shots, what I aim for is to capture what happens in a regular day within the home. Reading, playing with blocks or favorite stuffed animals, or just sitting and contemplating. With larger families, I will sometimes just find a child taking a break and will take his photo just they way he is. We capture everything from tender moments to intense wrestling matches

two brothers laying on floor playing
collage of three siblings
mother with two sons
collage of three siblings playing with toys
collage of father with sons
collage of father with daughter
collage of father wrestling with sons


Although my family sessions work year round since we are often indoors, we can go outside when we have the time and there is value in it. I think the rural road outside this family’s residence warranted outdoor photos, don’t you? Even though my availability for in-home family sessions are very limited in the fall, I’m so glad we were able to schedule this while the leaves were colorful. The photo at the top of the page is one of my favorites, but I also try to get the “safe” shot too.

fall lifestyle family photo

Being outdoors is also an integral part of this family’s life, so we made sure to get some of their outdoor play right behind their house.

father playing with sons in creek

Newborn Photos

Newborns are always a great incentive to book family photos. Because I don’t highly pose newborns, it doesn’t matter how old they are when we schedule the photos. They almost always remain in their parents arms.

mother with daughter and newborn
mother and father with newborn
father with newborn
mother with newborn


Now I fully expect someone to look at these fall 2020 lifestyle photos and say these must be models. I mean, aren’t they gorgeous people? Yes, they are gorgeous, but I didn’t pay them to model! I just happened to book these families who really are super beautiful and who allowed me to showcase their photos. However, these two families also booked me well in advance of their photo day, spent time preparing and following my family guide, and emailed back and forth with me to make sure we showed them at their best. They treated their session as the investment it is, and it shows.

Due to the prep time involved and the many hours of my time before, during and after your session, my in-home lifestyle sessions are very limited. Booking ahead means that you get much better choice of dates or a date at all, and lock in pricing. If you would like to be notified first when I open up next fall’s schedule, please join my newsletter list. My subscribers get first notice!

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