Fall 2020 Holiday Sessions

Fall 2020 was full of amazing families, fun children, incredible weather and gorgeous sunsets. I’m so happy to be able to share with you three families who gave permission to showcase their love and connection.

Fall 2020 – From uncertainty to success

I really wasn’t sure what the fall season would hold, so I did not start booking fall 2020 until the summer. Thankfully, businesses were allowed to operate, the weather was wonderful, and families were comfortable photographing outdoors at my favorite park.

Amazing families

I’m so thankful that my families I photograph are truly amazing. They value the investment they are making and take the time to prepare. They either are really good at that already or they take my guidance well. It isn’t hard to show their love and affection for each other, and parents have prepared their children well for our time together.

This family with three active boys did so well with the more posed photos we take for holiday pictures. But we also had a lot of fun capturing their energy and affection.

fall 2020 family photo mom dad three sons
collage of dad and sons
collage of mom and dad
collage of three brothers
3 brothers jumping
collage of three brothers


As all these photos show, I want to show the connection that is already in the families. In my photos, I want everyone to be connected and engaged when they are together. We try to get as many different combinations of family members together as well and try new ideas that fit the ages of the children.

fall 2020 family photo mom dad son daughter
collage of fall family photo mom dad son daughter
collage of family photos with parents and son and daughter
mother with daughter
brother with sister
mom and dad
4 photo collage of young girl outdoors
4 photo collage of boy outdoors

Joy and Romance

I want the images to show the joy of family and celebrate the beautiful milestones in a family. Usually those images involved the children, who usually have no problem showing their joy, exuberance, and playfulness. However, I also try to make sure I show the romance in the adults. I know that’s not the first thing to come to mind in holiday photos, but showing that love and romance is important.

young girl holding mom and dad hands
collage of mom and dad with daughter
mom and dad with daughter
collage of mom and dad
collage of mom and daughter
collage of girl outdoors
collage of dad and daughter
mom and dad kissing with daughter

Looking ahead

Even though it seems that there is still uncertainty ahead, so many families asked to book next fall’s photos early. So, I am opening up my fall 2021 in January. Booking ahead means that you get much better choice of dates or a date at all, and lock in pricing. If you would like to be notified first when I open up next fall’s schedule, please join my newsletter list. My subscribers get first notice!

Spring and summer sessions

Getting holiday photos in the spring and summer lets you have plenty of time to get your holiday cards out. I also have more flexibility in rescheduling for bad weather. Check out the information on holiday sessions to book your family’s early holiday session.

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