School Picture Days In Studio

Fairfax UMC Picture day announcement collage

Next Date: Wednesday April 10, 2024

For my families who have graduated from the preschools I photograph, makeups for all my schools, or just want this style of classic school portraits…with a bit of untraditional variety.

If you are bringing siblings, please sign up for one slot for each child. Each slot is reserved independently. Sibling signups must be consecutive. If you do not see enough consecutive slots, please contact me. If you would like sibling group photos, you must also add the Sibling Group Photo Add-on to one of your slots.

Please note – these sessions are priced and designed to mirror my volume school photos. These are not full family portraits, so no other family members can be included.

Price includes 2-8 digital image files per album with license to use for personal use only. No other purchase will be necessary after session.


1. Do I have to pay?

Yes, unlike the school picture day, where you pay after the gallery is released, you pay the price of the full digital album in order to book your spot. When the images are ready, you will automatically be sent a download link to your album. There is no other purchase or payment after.

2. Can I order prints from you?

In order to keep this as simple as possible, the only product is the full digital gallery. This does come with a print release, however, so that you can print the images at a printer of your choice.

3. How do I add a sibling group photo?

Schedule each of your children separately and consecutively. Add the sibling group photos add-on to ONE of your children’s slots.

4. Where and how often do you hold these days?

My studio is at 22375 Broderick Dr. Suite 135, Sterling VA 20166. I schedule 1-2 days near the end of each fall and spring picture day season for these sessions.

5. What is the style? Do you use props?

The style of the photos is just like the regular school picture day photos – a plain grey background so that the focus is solely on your child. Of course, if a child brings in a special hat or stuffed animal, I can include those in some of the images.

6. If the date shown above for picture day is passed, when is the next one?

If you’d like to be notified when the next day is, please sign up for my newsletter – that is where I announce the signups. I send a newsletter about 3-4 times a year.