The worth of each child

Preschool Picture Day in Arlington, VA

I am so excited to share with you some photos from a preschool picture day in Arlington, Virginia. There were so many different personalities and beautiful faces and each is worthy of sharing! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. Every time I get permission to share photos from parents, I am so grateful.

“You are worthy”

This also seemed like a good time to share some of my “why”. When I started offering fine art school photography, my guiding mission and vision started from a tiny seed planted by a sad day in my youngest child’s life. She was in a new school in a new city. The very few girls in her class were dealing with their own issues and none found herself capable of welcoming the new girl. My once joyful and vibrant girl went from loving friendships, finding them easy and wonderful, and feeling confident in her ability to join social groups, to feeling a deep and dark sadness and loneliness.

My heart broke one day when she came home and told me, “maybe I’m just not worthy.” It’s been several years since that day, but I still cry just remembering those words. Since then, I’ve been challenged to see if I am viewing everyone as worthy. I don’t all the time, and even my daughter has to be reminded to view others that way despite her hard lesson.

This is the message I want to send to each student as I photograph them. You are worthy. Just the way you are. I don’t want you to be someone else in front of the camera. I want to capture YOU. No need to perform and no need to pretend. I know it’s only a couple minutes in front of the camera, and it’s “only” school pictures, but I feel like I’ve done something to let a child know they are special when I can capture their real nature in their photos, all while allowing them to have a little fun. I don’t bat a thousand at capturing smiles and happiness, but that message is always my goal.

Whenever I include my children in a public post, I ask them to read it and get their permission to share their story. It was a sweet moment recounting that time in her life and celebrating how different things are now. My daughter today is stronger for that hard year she had. Her heart is still tender and I’m so grateful for that. She’s a pretty terrific friend too.

And now, for some of the most beautiful, wonderful, WORTHY little faces!!

preschool 4 photo collage of young boy showing worthy
preschool 4 photo collage of young girl showing worthy
preschool 3 photo collage of young boy
preschool photo of young brother and sister
4 photo collage of young girl
2 photo collage of young boy
preschool photo of young brother and sister
2 photo collage of young boy
preschool collage of 3 photos of 2 sisters
preschool photo of young boy
preschool photo of young boy baby
preschool photo 2 brothers
preschool 4 photo collage of girl showing worthy

Aren’t these the most adorable children? I love working with this age group and watching them blossom in front of the camera when they realize picture day is going to be fun. You can literally see them relax in front of the camera. Partnering with this amazing school in Arlington was a beautiful experience. Would you like to bring classic, beautiful, fine art portraits to your school? View my information page on schools or fill out the inquiry form below to book your school’s fall or spring portraits! I work with schools in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington Counties.

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