School Photography with Siblings

Update: We no longer schedule outside siblings at schools. However, we do have a makeup day each fall and spring in our Sterling, VA studio where families are welcome to sign up outside siblings! If you would like to be notified of these makeup days, please join my newsletter. The dates are always announced there first!

As an added benefit to my Fine Art School Photography service, schools may choose to allow siblings within the same school to sit for portraits together. Although a little more logistically challenging, they may also invite younger and/or older siblings who do not attend the same school to their Picture Day. Each child will still sit for their own individual portraits and receive their own online gallery album with a variety of images in both black and white and color. The sibling gallery album will also be its own separate album.

Special Considerations with Siblings

Generally, my fine art portraits are not heavily dependent on clothing choice. The simple backgrounds and natural light lend themselves well to highlighting each child regardless of outfits. However, a sibling portrait requires a wider field of view and involves multiple outfits. While I recommend never forcing a child to wear something he does not want to wear, offering several choices that work well together may help.

Also, outfits do not need to match, only complement. Avoid neons and graphics, but embrace texture. Neutral colors and solids work well, although one child wearing a pattern with everyone else wearing solids that coordinate with the colors in the pattern will work well too (much like in my family sessions, mom can wear a fabulous pattern and everyone else coordinate with it). Generally, outfit bottoms do not matter.

Showing Connection and Affection Between Siblings

I love showing the special relationships that exist in families. Even though there are petty arguments, tattle-telling, and even serious conflicts, there is a closeness like no other. There are life lessons that only siblings can teach you. But I know that my own children will not always eagerly follow my guidance to get close for photos. This is why I as a professional photographer still need to hire another professional photographer to get photos of my whole family.

And this family was no different. I posed these children closely together with their hands all connected or touching in some way, as I always do. Their mom commented that she couldn’t believe I got Child X to touch Child Y. I don’t know what it is, children will listen to someone else other than their mom or dad!

I loved photographing each child individually, as well as seeing their closeness as a group.

4 photo collage of teenage boy in different school photo poses
4 photo collage of young girl in different school photo poses
4 photo collage of young girl in different school photo poses
4 photo collage of boy in different school photo poses
4 photo collage of young girl in different school photo poses

Each school will be different, but I can help you think through the logistics of including siblings in your Picture Day. Each school can decide each year depending on the circumstances for the year.

I take care of all the scheduling directly with parents so that you don’t have to coordinate outside siblings.

Want to see a Pinterest Board full of ideas on how to display your children’s photos? Click here or open up the Pinterest App on your phone, click the camera icon on the top of the screen (you may have to allow camera access for Pinterest in your settings at this point), and position the camera on the graphic below. Make sure you follow the board to continue to be inspired!

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