Preschool Pictures in Northern Virginia

A Collection of Photos

Can one photo show your child’s personality? Most parents want a smiling photo, but don’t you ever see your child puzzling over something and just want to capture that forever? I love seeing true happiness, silliness, contemplation, and simply neutral expressions. I rarely tell a preschooler to smile. When you tell a child to “smile”, you almost always get an unnatural expression. Instead, I have gathered a plethora of ways to try and tease out true personality and joy from each child, and I give parents the option of a whole series of those images.

My job is 100% photographic professional and 100% children’s entertainer. I travel across Northern Virginia photographing some especially wonderful little friends.

preschool 4 photo collage of young boy Northern Virginia

From Fear to Joy

For some preschoolers, this is their first school portrait experience. It can be a scary new experience. For others, they’ve had portraits done already and it wasn’t a happy time. Whatever the reason, my mission is to make this a fun time. If it is, their joy will come out.

The reason I take a bit longer with each child is that I often take a few seconds just to let the child do what they think they’re supposed to do: say “cheese” and stand stiffly. Then, I allow them to have a bit of fun. That’s when the true expressions come out. The ones you see when you’re playing with them, telling them a story, and when they are telling you a story. They are so cute even when they are just concentrating on a new task.

preschool collage of 4 photos of young boy

Safe People

I’ve heard school photographers who say they never let parents in the room when they are photographing. While my preference is that teachers and parents do not “help” with the photography, I never banish them. The reason why it works better without another helper is that it is a human impulse to tell the child to smile which results in two things: the child’s eyes then goes to the one speaking to them, and they comply with an unnatural smile. Also, it’s stressful getting your photos taken, especially if multiple people are directing you.

However, if a child feels uncomfortable, I always let a safe and familiar person such as parent helper, a teacher, or one of my helpers hold their hand or stand next to them. But they are always gently instructed to only be present, not to try to help elicit any response. Usually, after just a little bit of time, the children forget they needed anyone near them.

preschool 3 photo collage of young boy Northern Virginia
preschool 4 photo collage of young girl

Respect for little people

It’s easy to boss around little people, but this isn’t life and death stuff. It’s a photo session. So, I don’t get mad if a child won’t smile or stand still. If they are more subdued, those are the photos we get. I ask for permission to sweep aside some stray hair or to remove/put back on their glasses. I ask them about themselves. They know when people respect them, so trust builds. It’s a joy when I walk by a class at the end of the day and they are smiling and waving at me. I’ve made lots of little friends by the end of the morning!

preschool 4 photo collage of boy Northern Virginia
preschool photo of two brothers

Northern Virginia Preschool Photography

I already partner with schools across Northern Virginia – in Fairfax, Arlington, Chantilly, Reston, Leesburg and McLean – who share my vision for school portraits. Would you like to bring classic, beautiful, fine art portraits to your school? View my information page on schools and fill out the inquiry form on that page to book your school’s fall or spring portraits! I work with schools in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington Counties. Schools in Northern Virginia outside these counties are evaluated on a case by case basis.

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