How Do I Prepare for My ERAS headshot?

5 Tips for your ERAS application headshot

1. Hire a professional

A professional who specializes in headshots knows the lighting and setup for your best ERAS photo. I have designed a relaxing and fun time where you will be able to view images, give feedback, and try out your ideas. I will guide you and give you all the coaching and posing help you need. Having a clean, professional photograph sends a message that you care about the details and planned for your application needs

Here are even more benefits:

Retouching is included

Professional lighting takes your images to such a high level that retouching may not even be needed. If you do want retouching, a professional can retouch your image in a way that is natural, not looking like a filter was used. We use manual retouching, detail by detail, not global filters. Whether it’s fixing glasses glare, cleaning up blemishes or redness, teeth whitening or reducing dark circles under your eyes from late night studying, retouching is done to your specifications.

Show off your eyes

If your eyes are the window to your soul, your ERAS headshots need to clearly light them. This is not the time for moody, shadowed photos.

Get wardrobe advice

I give extensive guidelines for preparation and give a pre-session wardrobe consultation if you need a little more help.

Be treated well

Start with a refreshing drink, continue with a quiet, relaxed session. Take advantage of my supplies to help combat oily skin, unruly hair, and lint.

We know your ERAS application requirements

Your images will be sent in both high resolution and the exact specifications for your ERAS application, so you can just upload and spend your time on perfecting the other parts of your application. Then you’ll also have a great photo you can use for your future website, business cards, LinkedIn, etc.

We offer a quick turnaround on your ERAS photo

If you are in a time crunch for your application, your ERAS photo can be ready immediately.

2. Dress professionally

I guide you with choosing outfits, test them out with you to see how they translate on-camera, and give you advice to avoid pitfalls. Clients bring multiple outfits to choose the best option together.

3. Women – consider hiring a hair and makeup artist

Many times, I see clients who have paid special attention to their makeup by putting on extra makeup. They do not look natural, and sometimes the makeup competes with the actual headshot. A professional knows how to apply makeup in a natural way, so that you look incredible, but the makeup makes your face the star – not the makeup. Your hair is also important. In general, hair that is clean, well styled, and down is better than hair that is up. However I do have strategies if you want to test putting your hair up. The hair and makeup artist I work with is incredible at making you camera ready.

4. Use a plain background

The ERAS photo is a very small file size. Many details can get lost in the image, and you want every pixel focused on you. I discourage distracting backgrounds and keep it modern by using white, grey or black backgrounds.

5. Make sure you capture great expression

Expression is important in any headshot, including your ERAS photo. If you want to portray approachability, friendliness, and competence, you’ll want to have the ability to see your images on a monitor as we go, tweak your expression, and work together until you are happy with your image.

Wow! You are such a wizard!  As you can tell, I love the photos. Thanks so much for all the hard work!! They are far better than anything I anticipated. THANK YOU for taking your time to get everything just right and for working your magic!!!
C.G., ERAS photo client, Washington DC


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