E&L: Outdoor fun in Sterling, Virginia

Outdoor Fun

Outdoors always means checking the weather. Because we’d been having daily deluges, I watched the weather all week, hoping for clear skies. A golden hour shoot is not at all golden if the skies are cloudy. A short and glorious opening in the clouds gave us hope and we decided to go for it, but in the end we had a solid ceiling of clouds. This is one cool family, though, and they were up for the challenge. It’s funny, then, that one of my all-time most favorite family shots came out of those circumstances.

family photo outdoors

The only one looking is the middle child. I’m a middle child. Sometimes middle children get lost in the shuffle, and I love that he is peeking at me from the center of his family huddle. His impish little grin is 100% natural.


I know older children are sometimes shy about getting too close, but they usually go along with the photographer’s encouragement to squeeze in tight. Big brother here had no problems getting close, and he really is a great big brother. He noticed his little brother had his buttons misaligned and got down on his own to help him fix them. So glad I caught this.

One thing I’ve noticed with my children is that when they see photos or videos of their siblings being kind to them, even if they were too little to remember, it etches something in them that strengthens the bond they have. When they go through periods of not being able to stand each other, they can still picture the kind times.

collage of dad with sons
3 siblings
mother and daughter
mother with son and daughter
brother and sister whispering

I love this family so much and love that they were game for any kind of outdoor weather. I think their photos are as beautiful as my other golden hour photos. So, I’m glad we went for it and saw what we could do. Sunny golden hour definitely has a different character, but overcast days can be beautiful too.

Their kids also gave me one of my favorite gifts ever…the comment to their parents on the way home that the photo session was actually fun!

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