Do you take studio branding photos?

Yes! We can move beyond headshots in the studio. If you don’t have a great office space or work from home, set up your “office” in the same location as your headshot. Here are 4 smart branding photography strategies.

1. Different outfits

I always encourage my clients to bring multiple outfits. That way, they can get a variety of looks in a single session. For branding photography, this works well with the beautiful studio environment.

3 photo collage branding photos of woman working on sofa

2. Change up your look

From casual to formal, and with small changes like putting hair up and back, your images don’t look like they were all taken on the same day…but you only had to do hair and makeup once!

2 photo collage of branding images of professional woman

3. Incorporate your product

Branding photography also allows you to incorporate your business or product in purposeful ways. Even if your product is digital, we can find a way to highlight it so that you can add logos and design to your image. You can use computer screens, mugs, whiteboards, etc.

branding photo of we designer

4. Make it easy by getting your branding photography in one place, one session

Can you believe all of these images were taken in the same space? Using studio lights and natural light, you can create a portfolio of images for your website and social media.


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