Do you take Actor Headshots?

Yes! I work with you and your agent, if you have one already, to collaborate on the shots you want.

We discuss outfits, expressions, backgrounds, crop, headshots, full length, deliverables, etc. Remember we don’t shoot blindly – you can view the images as we go on a monitor and give me your full input. As with all my individual studio sessions, you can bring as many outfits as you want.

In addition, you can add my hair and makeup artist to be onsite during the session so that we can take both natural looks and full makeup looks, hair up and down.

For children, I have photographed thousands of them and understand their attention spans can be short. I coordinate with you to plan our session ahead of time to make sure we get what you need. I also have a  lot of tricks up my sleeve for young children.

While the session will be work, you’re going to have a great time. There will be a lot of laughter, and you’ll feel respected. That’s always my goal, and I want you to leave feeling AMAZING.

I had the privilege of photographing a young actor, Elias Kemuel, the most well-spoken child I have ever met. Enjoy his creative looks (and check out that eyebrow action!).


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