Can’t get your group together for your group photo? No problem.


Is your staff working from home some or all days? Are they in different offices? Or is it just hard to get everyone together in the same location, on the same day? I am a big proponent of creating your group photo via group composites. Don’t know what that means? In the image above, none of these staff members was photographed together. Some were not even photographed in the same month!


  1. When I come in to take your staff headshots, I’ll also take some half or 3/4 length shots.
  2. I professionally extract those shots from their background and then place your team together in one image, adding realistic shadows.
  3. Have a new team member? I take their photo and just add them as you need. It’s as easy as that!


  1. You don’t have to have everyone come at once, or even the same day.
  2. Everyone gets photographed individually, allowing me to pose and guide each person individually. Then, the best image gets chosen for the group photo. Your photo looks great because it’s everyone’s best shot.
  3. When new staff join, no problem! It’s easy to take their headshot and add them to the composite.
  4. When staff leave, it’s even easier to simply remove them from the group photo. Your other staff don’t need to come in for a retake!
  5. Want to rearrange the image to fit your usage best? We can arrange multiple variations of composites. For example, headers may require a long, single file line. Other configurations may require two rows of staff.

Here is the group photo evolution of the local staff at CertaPro Loudoun. They have a fantastic group of people and do a great job painting homes!


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